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The HOME team must supply a competent person to act as a scorer and timekeeper.
This is a mandatory playing condition. The home team is the first team listed on schedules, and the team displayed on the left hand side of scoring consoles and the score board.

Players cannot interchange as scorers. No scorer = no play. Player rotation per game is recommended for senior competition if a scorer is unavailable.

Schedules will be manually checked for evenness of total amount of home and away games.

Biosecurity Officers will visit each court during senior domestic games to confirm all scorers and visitors have signed into the venue using Covid Comply for contact tracing purposes. Junior scorers and visitors will be checked when entering the venue. Please click here for more information on entry and arrival procedures, and WBA’s COVID-Safe Management Plan.


Teams must complete the LiveScore monitors with details of all players prior to the commencement of the game. The minimum number of players on court without incurring a forfeit is four. Games will be forfeited if a team is not ready to play within ten minutes of scheduled starting time. If a team is late for a scheduled game, they will be penalized one point per completed minute to the referee’s discretion, and the game will go on.

Please click here for further information on how to score using LiveScore


Scoring discrepancies must be dealt with immediately at the time of incident, as this can affect the way the remainder of the match is played. For example, if you believed your team was ahead by a point in the final minute of the game, you will most likely not rush any shots, and protect the ball more.

The best way to deal with these matters is to calmly alert the referees on the game to the issue. A ‘Referee Timeout’ allows the clock to stop while officials speak to the score bench and attempt to resolve the issue. Only a referee may call a referee timeout. If a team calls their own team time out to address an issue, the team will not be awarded their timeout back.

If the referees are not able to adequately deal with the matter, a player or team representative should seek out the Referee Supervisor immediately.

Updated September 2020

WBA is governed by the FIBA Rule Book ( and WBA Bylaws (
The rules state that once a result has been agreed upon by scorers and referees, and signed off accordingly at the conclusion of the match, it cannot be changed.


WBA provides a technologically advance stadium that allows all games to be recorded; however video evidence of any scoring disputes will not be used to change the outcome of a result following a match.

FIBA states video footage can only be used to determine if a shot was released before or after a siren at the end of a playing period. This means we do not have the power to overturn any result.

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