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Covid-19 Guidelines and Protocols

Afterschool Training Program



15th November 2020


As at 15th November 2020
Returning to play in a safe, hygienic and controlled manner is paramount to the Maccabi Basketball Club. The Club is implementing a number of policies to protect the safety and wellbeing of our community.
Governed by Basketball Victoria’s return to play policies the Maccabi Basketball Club has worked with affiliated associations and external training venues to develop a strategy that defines the procedures and protocols that will apply to the clubs return to play.

Maccabi Basketball’s return to play policy is subject to all restrictions set by Federal and State Governing bodies and Public Health Authorities. At this stage only outdoor training is permitted. 
This Document provides the key requirements for the club, players, coaches and parents to ensure a safe environment.

Outdoor Training

1.1    Proposed start date
w/c 16th November 2020


1.2    Location 
East Caulfield Reserve Multipurpose Courts
98 Dudley St Caulfield East 
(access the facility via Sir John Monash Drive)

1.3    Sanitation Measures
•    Each person to sanitize hands upon entry to the courts 
•    Each person to use alcohol wipes provided to wipe their basketball before training
•    Any person that is unwell is not permitted entry.
•    Cough and sneeze etiquette must be used. (cough/sneeze into your elbow or tissue) and wash with soap and water or sanitise for at least 20 seconds 
•    Equipment to be wiped/sanitised before and after each training session
•    Training sessions 60 minutes in length to allow time for equipment to be wiped/sanitised and avoid a crossover with the next training group.

1.4    Number of people allowed to attend

•    As per Basketball restrictions there is a limit of 20 players and 2 coaches per court. Parents and spectators are not permitted on the courts
•    Coaches will mark attendance of each player at the training session

1.5    Physical contact activities
•    For 18 years old and under – full contact training for outdoor is possible from November 16th 
•    Players to bring their own basketball and drink bottle to training.
•    Coach to sanitize ball prior to group training games
•    No handshakes, high fives or hugs
•    Limit unnecessary social gatherings.
•    The Club will follow all protocol set by Governing bodies in regards to non –contact/contact  skills and will adjust in line with easing/ tightening of restrictions. 

1.6    Arrival/ departure of participants

•    Training sessions are limited to 60 minutes with a 15 minute gap between sessions to allow for cleaning of equipment and minimise the crossover between training groups. 
•    Players will be required to come to training ready to train and leave immediately after the session.
•    .Players should not arrive earlier than 10 minutes before their sessions start time to avoid social gatherings. 
•    No socialising before or after the session.
•    Upon arrival at the venue players are to wait at the designated assembly point until they are instructed by the coach to enter the stadium
•    Players not permitted to enter courts until coaches have allowed entry
•    Players to enter/leave sports centre without parents.
•    All parents and players should familiarise themselves with the specific assembly point and pick up points on the attached venue documents

1.7    Attendance at training

•    Only team players, coaches and the parent on duty will be permitted into the courts. The coach will mark attendance of players and the Club will have a record of the players and parent on duty.
•    Parents must drop their children off and not enter the training venue

1.8    Spectators

•    Not permitted at training sessions. 
•    One parent supervisor as per The Club’s MPP requirements.  (will be included in total numbers permitted at the venue)
•    Other parents/spectators will be required to wait away from the venue. 

1.9    Sharing equipment

•    Players are required to bring a filled water bottle to training and are not permitted to share drink bottles.
•    Players can bring 1 basketball which must be cleaned using the alcohol wipes provided upon arrival

Parent Communication

Due to the changing conditions resulting from the COVID-19 outbreaks, Maccabi Basketball needs the assistance of all our coaches, players and their parents to ensure the safe return to training and games. 
To assist we need all parents are to confirm that they are familiar with Maccabi’s Return to Play Protocols’ which include adhering to the following Rules and Requirements as follows:
1)    If your child is showing any Flu like symptoms, they will not attend training or games. 

2)    Should a Maccabi coach or official consider that your child is not well and showing symptoms, they are required to make contact with to get their child collected as they will not be permitted to play or train. 

3)    No parents are permitted into training venues with exception of the parent on duty

4)    Ensure your child is dropped at the training venue no earlier than 10 minutes prior to training starting

5)    Your child must have their own named water bottle for training

6)    Ensure that your child will meet at the designated assembly point for training and sign in.

7)    Your child understands the concept of social distancing

8)    Your child understands the rules and etiquette of personal hygiene? 

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